Spider Sights was formed in 2002, to help LaBelle and surrounding areas in Hendry County, Florida to get their web site services functioning easily. While our emphasis is on local prospects, we also welcome remotely located areas. Our company is dedicated to serving the needs of companies and organizations by making an Internet presence a simple and painless solution instead of stress and worry.

Michael, the founder of Spider Sights, has been working with web site technologies since 1997. Due to the rapid change of Information Technology (IT), challenges are ever present. These challenges are overcome by persistence and ever growing knowledge. Spider Sights has the knowledge and experience needed to stay current with the most demanding challenges that our clients may have.

We have a strong working knowledge of image manipulation, special graphic effects, coding such as HTML, PHP, SQL, as well as specialized areas such as database creation, and much more. We are very mindful of Internet standards such as page load times, bandwidth usage, successful navigation techniques and other factors that make your web site excel above the rest. At this time we do not offer ASP programming.

Some of the tools in our collection include Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash in addition to Paint shop Pro, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. We do most of our serious programming with Crimson Editor which gives us the control to keep the code lean and efficient. We are proficient in using these tools to meet almost any need that may arise.

If you feel that Spider Sights may be able to help you with your Internet web site services, whether you are new to the world of web sites or if your existing web site service provider has "dropped the ball", give us a try. We are NOT an Internet Service Provider (ISP), but we DO handle clients web sites and their attributes.

Some recognition that may be worth mentioning:

Student of the year:
While furthering study under the teaching of Ms. Krouse and Dr. Ciolfi, during the 2003 - 2004 School year, Michael was voted as Student of the year at the Lee High Tech Center Central campus. Thanks to this great learning center and it's great instructors, Michael was able to offer more advanced services through Spider Sights.
Advisory Committee Member:
It was an honor to serve as a member of the Advisory Committee for the Lee County High Tech Center Central from 2004 to 2014. After graduating the Web Design Services curriculum, Michael was asked to participate with advising the Instructor as to new trends, technologies, and what customers are actually looking for. Since we have real life experience, we can help advise in order to produce better and more competent graduates in the field of Web Development.
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