ProgrammingI know what programming is! Isn't that like what Microsoft does, creating Windows and stuff? But why would I need it for my web site? That's a geat question! A typical small web site normally does not require programming as we are speaking of here on this page. HTML is a form of programming, but is necessary for all web sites to function. Any and all web site designs will contain HTML programming code and is not necessarily considered programming. This kind of coding is great for a web site that has no visitor interaction, which is called a static web site. The visitor cannot change anything. The only time that a static web site changes, is when the designer changes it and uploads the new files to the server or the host.

Great news, there is programming! Programming allows visitors to interact with your web site so that the content can change dynamically, which means that the site's page can deliver information related to what the visitor wants "on the fly". On the fly means that the content your visitor desired, is generated at that very moment! Right then and there! We do offer PHP programming and for database sites, we use MySQL.

So why would I want any programming? Well programming is usually reservered for those companies or organizations that need special situations where thier visitors require interaction. Consider a visitor on a real estate site looking for only 3 bedroom homes. Programming could allow a search feature to only display 3 bedroom homes instead of all of the listings. A static web site would not be able to do this. If you would like to try an example of a dynamic page that is created for you, click this try it link.

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