Domain Registration

Tell me again, what is a domain name? When you are talking to your friend, you would normally call or talk to them by name right? Well, the same applies when you want to visit a web site. The domain name is quite simply the name associated with the web site. You have probably heard of names such as or and this name explains who the web site belongs to or who you are trying to reach.

A domain name is a separate and necessary service cost for a web site, but only covers the domain name itself. Spider Sights feels that great care should be taken when choosing a domain name for your web site, which represents your company or organization. While long names are descriptive, errors by the typist can result in frustration for the prospective visitors since it will produce an error in finding the site. In addition, punctuation such as dashes can make it quite hard to remember the name for someone trying to remember it from a sign on your company car or a newspaper ad. Abbreviated names are great for typing, but they should be very easy to remember for your new visitors to your web site. Spider Sights can help to guide you with making a good choice for your domain name. Expericence with these issues helps us to fit the best domain name for you and your company or organization.

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