To aid in helping our customers with Frequently Asked Questions we have added this page to help answer common inquiries. We here at Spider Sights, hope to provide a sense of comfort that you may not find elsewhere. We hope this page will help you, before you would need to make a time consuming call to us. Please take the time to read the information here as we feel that it may be helpful in answering your questions.

Question: Do you offer any other services than what is listed?.
Answer: Yes we do. Among some of our other services we can provide counceling, full color business cards, photography and special graphical work such as logo creation.

Question: Why would your web site seem to load slowly in my browser with dialup service.
Answer: Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have poor quality server and/or phone line service. It is our experience that changing ISPs may have a profound effect on page load times. If you are experiencing slow load times, you may want to consider trying, if you know someone with a different service, to try that service and if it works better, change to that service.

Question: What will my web site cost me?
Answer: Web site design is far from being a perfect science. It is more on the lines of artwork which varies greatly with what you desire to see on your site. For this reason, pricing can become complex. When considering a web site for your business, consider what you wish to accomplish and what you want it to look like and then during the initial consultations we will discuss these things and this will help to better determine what your requirements are and what the estimate of cost would be.

Question: Will Spider Sights protect my logo design after it is created?
Answer: We do not provide the protection for your logo design after it has been created and purchased. If you want to protect the logo, you must contact the proper authorities. Once we create your logo, and you have paid for it, it is up to you to take precautions. Spider Sights does not handle this.

Question: What is included in the hosting plan price?
Answer: The hosting plans only provide you with a place for your web site to reside on the Internet. Each plan's price includes the location or computer servers on the Internet where your web site is stored, uninterrupted battery and diesel generator power sources so that power failures will not interrupt service, your site's statistical information which helps fine tune your site by utilizing the information from it's visitors, the ability to keep your domain name information available to the Internet, and the ability, if needed, to hold additional domain names pointing to your web site, which is called "parking". All of this is included in each hosting plan, however the reason there are different plans, as well as pricing, is due to increased needs you may have. These needs may include increased storage space, additional features, or increased data transfer for larger web sites.

Question: After Spider Sights creates my web site, do I own it to do with it what I please?
Answer: After payment in full for the creation of your web site, you will own the web site and the source files. Spider Sights however still retains the right to use artwork created by Spider Sights as it sees fit or as needed.

Question: How long will it take for my web site to be seen and running online?
Answer: Depending on the complexity of your web site, the time usually will take between 2 weeks and 3 months. Factors that influence this time frame are the work load we are experiencing at the time, how complex and detailed you want your site, and if the site is being created over certain non working days for Spider Sights such as observed holidays and non business days.

Question: How do I set up my Microsoft Outlook Express program to send and receive e-mail?
Answer: You need to follow the following steps to set up your e-mail account. Please note that this is a guideline only and that you may click on the links for an example image. Once you open the Microsoft Outlook Express program, select the tools button on the toolbar. Next, select the accounts link . Choose the mail tab. Click on the button labeled Add then choose Mail. In the space provided you would type a name of your choice to define who is sending the e-mail, then click the Next button at the bottom. On the Internet E-mail address page, select the "I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use" selection. In the space provided, you would type in the e-mail address that Spidersights has given you. Click the next button at the bottom to go to the E-mail server names page. Select the POP3 Server from the drop down menu. In the space provided for Incoming mail(POP3), you should type in (where yourdomain is your domain name and the .com would be the extension of your site such as .com, .net, .org, etc.) and Outgoing mail(SMTP), you should type in the information that yourInternet Service Provider (ISP) has given to you, or you may be able to use the same information that you just typed from your incoming mail information. You should try to use the information from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) first since you will have better results. When you get to the Internet Mail Logon page, you will type in the account (or email name) and password information that Spider Sights has given you. Only select the Secure Password Authentication if you know that it is being supported (normally this is not used). Click the Next button at the bottom of the page and then select the Finish button. You should now be set up for sending and receiving e-mail from your web site. Note that if you have more than one e-mail address, you will have to set up a mail account following the steps above for each e-mail address mail account. Now when you look in your mail accounts you will see a new entry. You can edit the name that shows for that e-mail account by left-clicking once with you mouse on the account name and then clicking on the properties button on the right hand side. Under the General tab, you can enter in the first field, a name that you would know the email address by. The "include this account when receiving mail or syncronizing" check box should be checked. You can finish by clicking on the OK button at the bottom. Under the mail accounts screen, you will see a (default) by one of the e-mail accounts. You can set the preference for your default e-mail addres (the one you would use the most) by clicking once on the e-mail you prefer and then clicking the Set as Default button on the right side.


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